Daily Golf Cart - $65.00/Day + Tax and Fees

$90.00 / Day
  • 21+
  • Valid Driver License
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Fixed Rates include: Base Rate Taxes (IVU State 10.5% + IVU Municipal 1%), Compulsory Insurance Non-Taxable.

Security Deposit is fully refundable depending on the condition of the vehicle upon return (automatically applies to the total below).

Please enter your driver's license number with a two-digit State code. Example: FL - A000-000-00-000-0 (Florida License Number)

Items available:


Daily Golf Cart – $65.00/Day + Tax and Fees

Daily Rate

  • $ 65.00 Golf Cart Regular charge per 24 hours.
  • $ 2.52 Maintenance Fee (may vary)


  • $6.83 – IVU State 10.5%
  • $0.65 -IVU Municipal 1%


  • $15/day – Compulsory Insurance Non-Taxable 

Total daily rate $90/Day 

Plus a fully refundable security deposit of $200.00


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$90.00 /day